Fowler Law Group is a law firm specializing in the defense and counseling of businesses, insurers, professionals and public entities. Our extensive experience in civil litigation, trials and alternative dispute resolution, as well as our state of the art research technology, enable us to provide practical and economical solutions tailored to the needs of each individual client reflective of decades of litigation experience.

At Fowler Law Group we listen to our clients’ goals in order to tailor creative solutions to complex problems. Accordingly, we are aware that a favorable resolution may involve the exploration of  economic alternatives to litigation or an aggressive trial strategy.

Based in Los Angeles, we service our clients’ needs in Central and Southern California. Fowler Law Group has litigators licensed in California and Nevada, with extensive experience in state and federal courts to insure the implementation of practical solutions for each of our client’s particular needs.


Fowler Law Group is committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion among its employees, clients and vendors, and is proud to employ people from all backgrounds who both believe in, and will help us to accelerate, that vision.  Hiring personnel at Fowler Law Group responsible for employment decisions study how bias manifests in a workplace, how to apply tactics that reduce bias and how to strategically lead diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.  Each employee is encouraged to share their individual views on our rapidly changing society in order to achieve this goal and help us celebrate unique perspectives. Fowler Law Group also seeks to partner with clients and vendors that value and promote diversity, equity and inclusion at work and in the community.  Fowler Law Group supports a work environment free of harassment and all employees at Fowler Law Group are required to take sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention training.