TPA Services

TPA Services is a dedicated division of Fowler Law Group established to administer and resolve liability claims in North America pursuant to a self-insured retention (“SIR”). We work directly with your risk management department and/or insurance broker (or we can introduce you to a qualified insurance broker/risk consultant) to establish a cost-saving SIR for your company within which 90% of all claims should be resolved. Your insurance premiums remain low since few claims exceed the SIR, requiring the involvement of your insurer. TPA Services will organize a defense team to suit your unique needs for the efficient and economical resolution of product liability claims in North America. Fowler Law Group has also acted as the TPA for a CGL carrier, overseeing claims in California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas.

* A self-insured retention is similar to a deductible, except that the corporation through its TPA, is responsible for resolving the claims and the associated costs, up to the extent of the SIR. Once the SIR is exhausted, the insurer is responsible for future defense costs.


Reduce Cost of Risk
A self-insured retention can provide dramatic savings over traditional liability policies which insure the first dollar of coverage. TPA Services promotes an aggressive and immediate response to claims which facilitates an early resolution, reduces costs and the likelihood of litigation.

TPA Services enjoys a higher denial rate and a lower settlement range than traditional third-party administrators, providing substantial overall savings.

Control Management of Risk
TPA Services places claims control and decision-making back in your hands for a coordinated and consistent defense approach, according to your company’s values and culture.
All communications are confidential since TPA Services is a dedicated division of Fowler Law Group.
All defenses are researched and analyzed as necessary, according to applicable state law in each jurisdiction, providing better decision-making ability.
All reports to clients and denial letters to claimants and/or their attorneys are written by a TPA Service attorney.
TPA Services provides a coordinated and consistent approach to every claim from our Los Angeles office to ensure quality control.
TPA Services utilizes the services of a network of investigators nationwide. Our investigators do not work on the traditional “flat rate”; we have found that this traditional third-party administrator approach suffers problems similar to the “managed care” approach to health care. Instead, we carefully retain only the most seasoned and qualified adjusters, providing them specific and detailed instructions on each assignment, in order to maximize productivity and minimize cost. That approach with local counsel and experts provides superior results compared to a traditional TPA.
TPA Services also provides industry seminars in the areas of loss prevention, risk avoidance, document creation and control, litigation management and other topics tailored to your company’s needs.

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